July 1, 2022


The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued a warning to employers that stolen Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Deepfakes are being used by bad actors to apply for remote work and work-from-home positions.  The types of positions being targeted by these bad actors include:  information technology and computer programming, database, and software related job functions.  If hired, these bad actors could have “access to customer PII, financial data, corporate IT databases and/or proprietary information.”


Deepfakes include a video, an image, or recording convincingly altered and manipulated to misrepresent someone as doing or saying something that was not actually done or said.  In these interviews, the actions and lip movement of the person seen interviewed on-camera do not completely coordinate with the audio of the person speaking. At times, actions such as coughing, sneezing, or other auditory actions are not aligned with what is presented visually.”

Companies or victims who identify this type of activity should report it to the IC3, www.ic3.gov.  If available, include any subject information such as IP or email addresses, phone numbers, or names provided.”


Deepfake Tactic Being Used to Apply for Remote Work – Watch Your PII (natlawreview.com)